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'Ease of Use' key to drive BI adoption

A new report states that "ease of use", not necessarily advanced features, is key to achieving high user adoption of BI and analytics tools. The report "Ease of Use and Interface Appeal in BI Tools," was prepared by by Cindi Howson, founder of BIScorecard.

Based on 255 survey responses, the report says ease of use and interface appeal are important factors in making BI more pervasive, particularly beyond the power user base. "When BI is hard, more time is spent learning tools and on routine tasks than on using the data for insight and business improvement," said Howson. "It's particularly telling that easy-to-use BI tools are rated as more important than BI features and analytic power."

Chevron started a trial BI project with a handful of users, which has now grown to 2,000 users and over 500 different uses.

Mark Ruths, a technology coordinator at Chevron says, "Ease of use is the number-one priority," says Ruths. "Chevron had a BI tool in place to run reports, but identifying patterns and opportunities for cost reduction was not easy. People have other applications they can use, and they have their current work processes. Change is hard, and if a tool is hard to learn, that's a big barrier. If it's easy to use, it keeps them working at it. It only takes a few 'ah ha' moments, and then they are hooked. They get value. The more you use Spotfire, the more value you get."


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