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dotCMS 1.9 Released with New Multi-Tenant Features

Jessica Thornsby

New preview function and CMIS Server implementation for dotCMS version 1.9.

dotCMS 1.9 is out now.

dotCMS is a web content management system that allows you to
import content and personalise it based on a rules engine. With
dotCMS, you can also add social tools to further engage the
visitor. It comes with a WYSIWYG Editor and support for JSON and
Web Services.

This version introduces a new Preview function for viewing how
your content would look live, and a ‘Create a Task’ button for
assigning tasks and due dates to members of your team. The new
multi-tenant features target teams who manage multiple websites,
and the user and role managers, hierarchical roles and role
membership have all been re-written.

dotCMS Enterprise Prime also includes a CMIS Server
implementation that allows dotCMS content to be accessed and reused
in systems that implement CMIS, including Liferay, Alfresco, and
Day Software.

It is available in various commercial editions, and a Community Edition.


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