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Do We Need An OpenOffice.Org Foundation? Plus, CouchDB 1.0.1 Addresses Data Loss Bug

Jessica Thornsby

A new Grails plugin for integrating Groovy++ has been released, and updates for the Google Apps Script editor.

Apache CouchDB 1.0.1 Fixes Data-Loss Bug

Apache CouchDB 1.0.1 is now available for

CouchDB is a document-oriented database that comes with a
built-in Web administration console, and speaks directly to the
database using HTTP requests issued from the browser.

This release rectifies the data-loss bug discovered in the 1.0.0
release. It also adds support for replication via an HTTP/HTTP
proxy and enables basic-auth popup, when it is required to access
the server.

Google Apps Script Gets ScriptProperties and

Google have announced a new Google Apps Script release. This release adds
ScriptProperties and UserProperties, which allows scripts to store
key:value data per user, or per script. The Apps Script editor now
has ‘Find & Replace’ functionality, and users can view a
history of changes made to the script. The timezone of a script can
also be changed. Please note that some of these updates, have
required changes to the API.

Is OpenOffice.org Next?

After a leaked memo revealed that Oracle had effectively called
time on OpenSolaris as we know it, Brian Proffitt has asked
is OpenOffice.org next?

In light of Oracle’s recent lawsuit against Android and Google,
and the news that OpenSolaris is to be effectively discontinued,
Proffitt argues that the community should be concerned about the
future of Oracle’s other open source projects. Although there is no
concrete evidence that Oracle is planning to pull the plug on
OpenOffice.org, Proffitt points to their “stealth-mode attitude
regarding OpenSolaris” as good cause to look “beyond market-y

He advises the community to start building an OpenOffice.org
foundation, perhaps stewarded by the Linux Foundation. “Even if
Oracle does turn out to be a positive caretaker for OpenOffice.org,
recent events drive home the point that some sort of foundation for
OpenOffice.org is clearly needed, if only to abate the uncertainty
that arises whenever one company controls such a large and
important free software project,” he concludes.

Mojarra Calls Time On Java SE 5

All future Mojarra builds that target JSF 2.1, will
only support JavaSE 6 and above – reportedly to keep the testing
matrix for Mojarra more “in line” with Oracle’s current development
focus. However, any 2.0.X and 1.2 builds, will continue to be built
with Java SE 5.

…….And Two New Grails Plugins

Version 0.5 of the Grails Clojure plugin is out now.This plugin
provides access to execute Clojure code from Grails artifacts. This
version upgrades to Clojure 1.1.0.

Meanwhile, a new Grails plugin for integrating Groovy++ has been released. Groovy++ is a
statically typed extension of the Groovy programming language.

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