Daily Roundup

Diver 0.3.0 and Rails 3.0.3 Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, if you’re a project’s biggest fan, then flattr has a new Auto-Flattr feature for you.

Reverse Tooling for Eclipse with Diver

Version 0.3.0 of Diver (Dynamic Interactive
Views for Reverse Engineering) has been announced. Diver aims to
make reverse engineering tools and techniques accessible to Eclipse
developers, by using execution traces of running Java software to
obtain a picture of what is going on at runtime. Diver is not
intended to replace your current debugging and investigation
techniques. Diver 0.3.0 can apply filters up-front, giving the user
more control over which methods get called during execution, in an
attempt to limit the trace sizes and reduce the time it takes to
analyse the traces for use in Diver. Diver 0.3.0 can also now
distinguish which method calls are unique to a particular trace,
directly within the sequence diagram.

Pre-emptive Flattering with Auto-Flattr

Are you a project’s or blog’s biggest fan? Then this is an
update for you; Flattr have added an auto-flattr subscription feature, which will
automatically flattr something for the coming 3, 6 or 12 months. To
activate this feature, flattr your object of choice, and then click
the button again to select how many months you wish to subscribe
for. Subscriptions can be viewed and cancelled form the

Go Faster with Rails 3.0.3

Rails version 3.0.3 has been released with a version
of Active Record that looks to reclaim some of the performance lost
when Rails upgraded from 2.3.x to 3.x. Version 3.0.3 also comes
with a list of fixes and new tests for uploaded files. There are no
API changes from version 3.0.

LogicalDOC 6.0 RC2

A second release candidate of LogicalDOC 6.0 has been
announced. LogicalDOC is a web-based document management system,
and includes the Lucene search engine. In this release candidate,
functionality for previewing documents has been improved. The
parser for PDF documents and advanced search have also been
improved, and a new web service method has been provided for
collecting the metadata of a list of documents.

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