Google In Bid For Twitter?

Did Google and Microsoft Try To Buy Twitter?

Jessica Thornsby

Sources tell Business Insider that Google offered Twitter $2.5 billion earlier this year.

According to Business Insider, Google offered to buy Twitter for around $2.5
billion earlier this year. Their offer was refused, although
Business Insider speculate it was never an official offer to buy
the company, but a casual one. The article also cites a Twitter
shareholder, who told Business Insider Twitter also turned down a
$4 billion offer about three months ago. It is unclear who made the
reported offer. Both sources quoted in the article, believe that
Microsoft offered to buy the company too, which could explain
Google’s supposed bid to buy Twitter. “One reason Google would buy
Twitter is to keep it out of Microsoft’s hands,” guesses Business
Insider. Twitter is said to be currently seeking more funding at a
$3 billion valuation.

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