Well, it’s near one deadline

Developers now able to get their hands on Java 8 preview

Lucy Carey

The JDK 8 preview is now out, and chief architect of the Java Platform Group Mark Reinhold has urged developers to test drive it as soon as possible.

Oracle has now released
the preview test build of Java SE
intended for broad testing by developers – although the

much delayed
general-release development
will be percolating for at least
another few months.

In a blog post
yesterday, Oracle’s Mark Reinhold, chief architect of the
Java Platform Group, urged developers to test out the developer
preview for JDK (Java Development Kit) 8.

So what are the key features to look out for in this release?
Well, of course there’s the much anticipated  Project Lambda
(JSR 355) – cited in a blog post from Reinhold as one of the main
reasons for pushing back the release earlier this year- which “adds
lambda expressions, default methods, and method refer­ences to the
Java programming language and extends the libraries to support
parallelizable operations upon streamed data.”

Other noteworthy developments in JDK 8 include a new date and
time API, compact profiles, and the Nashorn JavaScript engine.
There are also some “anti-features”, such as the removal of the
permanent generation from the HotSpot virtual machine.

This month was originally slated for the release
of JDK 8, but due to the numerous security concerns that have
dogged Java recently, Oracle wisely postponed availability until Q1
2014 – at the earliest. Though, based on the track record for this
release, we’re hedging our bets.

Although Oracle has been putting its energies
into resolving outstanding security glitches and restore
confidence, recent incidents show that there’s still some
considerable work to be done. With exploits like watering hole
attacks and zero-days still fresh in the minds of many, Oracle
won’t want to risk the final release becoming yet another excuse
for Java baiting.

If you’re eager to get stuck into the release, you can
download it

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