JAX London 2011 Launch!

Day One at JAX London 2011

Jessica Thornsby

JAX London returns for its third installment, with a full timetable of tutorials, panels and sessions.

JAX London
kicks off today with a full timetable of tutorials,
panels, sessions, and a track dedicated to Agile. Attendees will be
able to select from two full-day workshops, covering Java EE 6 and
architecture. Ted Neward will look at why architecture is so
important in the first place, before moving onto the various
architectural considerations available to the developer, and
concluding in a more interactive workshop style, where attendees
will examine the performance and scalability ramifications of the
different architectural options. Meanwhile, Dan Allen and Pete Muir
will deep dive into the new Contexts and Dependency Injection
programming model in Java EE 6, and show attendees how they can
backport features of Java EE 7 and beyond, today.

In addition to the full-day workshops, the opening day of JAX
London 2011 features a full Agile track, moderated by Roman
Pichler. Co-author of ‘Software Systems Architecture: Working With
Stakeholders Using Viewpoints and Perspectives’ Eoin Woods, will
examine why software architects and agile teams sometimes find it
difficult to work together, in his ‘Agile Architecture – How Much
is Enough?’ session, and Geoff Watts and Paul Goddard will ask why
a Scrum team is like a sport’s team, in their ‘The All-Star Scrum
Team’ talk. Be sure to check out our interviews with
Eoin Woods
Geoff Watts
, to get a taster of what you can expect from these

Tomorrow, JAX London will shift its focus to Java EE and OSGi,
with tracks dedicated to both of these topics.

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