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Cumulogic launches Java PaaS - will it shake up the field?

Yet another cloud platform-as-a-service has been given the green light, as Cumulogic announced that their Java PaaS has gone GA in version 1.0. But what can it offer that the others seemingly can't?

Formerly describing themselves on their Twitter bio as 'a force soon to been reckoned with, whilst in beta, Cumulogic appear to be aiming squarely at the enterprise-class market. Their Java platform claims to transform 'virtualized environments and Infrastructure-as-a-Service clouds', clearly tapping into such offers like Citrix CloudStack, OpenStack and VMware vSphere. They also appear keen to simplify the development process of getting an application into the cloud, with a focus on simplicity whether in private or hybrid clouds, with a Devops mentality running through it all.

Having been a company for two years, Cumulogic's original intention was to build a platform for developers, but this since has changed, switching focus to the enterprise world of virtualisation. Also keeping close ties to Citrix's CloudStack was of high importance.

There's some impressive Java credentials, with company co-founders Laura Ventura and Rajesh Ramchandani both from the heady days of Sun Microsystems. Not to mention James Gosling as an advisor. With that experience behind the project, perhaps this switch to helping bolster service providers was needed

“We are very pleased with the ease of integration that we’ve seen with the CumuLogic product,” said Matthew Porter, CEO and Co-Founder of Contegix. “Working with CumuLogic provides for a natural extension of our MiraCloud platform and delivers on our commitment to deliver robust technology in a very flexible way.”

“We are extremely excited about the release of CumuLogic Cloud Application Platform 1.0, the most robust, vendor-independent platform on the market today,” says CumuLogic President, Mike Soby. “We’re looking forward to continuing the advancement of the platform and delivering real business results for our customers and partners.”

Cumulogic allows users to use their preferred IDE and can migrate with minimal fuss. The single-click PaaS deploying will be directly competing against Red Hat's OpenStack and VMware's Cloud Foundary - although those already appear to have a steady grounding behind them. Will Cumulogic be able to carve their own niche here? It appears adequately placed to do so.

Chris Mayer

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