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Critical Fix for Apache Buildr 1.4.3 and Ivy 2.2.0 Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Maven-Gaelyk archetype 0.5.6 adds support for Gaelyk 0.5.6 and App Engine 1.3.8.

Critical Fix for Apache Buildr 1.4.3

Apache Buildr version 1.4.3 has been released to address a critical
issue in 1.4.2 that meant jar/.zip packages might have been
corrupted. In addition to the critical fix, 1.4.3 introduces a new
‘run’ local task, and adds UILDR-519 Load repositories.release_to
from build settings. JavaRebel should now be correctly detected,
and the error messages have been improved. Apache Buildr is a build
system for Java-based applications.

DesignGridLayout 1.3 Improves Grid Labels

DesignGridLayout version 1.3 has been released.

DesignGridLayout is a Swing LayoutManager for use in form-based
designs. It aims to be an alternative to other grid-based layout
managers, such as FormsLayout, GridLayout and PnutsLayout. Version
1.3 uses platform alignment by default in an attempt to improve
grid labels alignment, in addition to providing an API method for
explicitly stating when label alignment is required.

Apache Ivy 2.2.0 Improves Maven2

The Apache Ivy team have announced its 2.2.0 release.
In this release, the Maven2 compatibility has been improved, with
more pom features covered, and a new parent mechanism for Ivy files
has been added to 2.2.0. PGP signatures are automatically generated
when uploading artifacts, and Ivy now generates OpenPGP compatible
ASCII armoured detached signatures when publishing artifacts.

Maven-Gaelyk Archetype 0.5.6 Adds Support for Gaelyk

The maven-gaelyk archetype has reached version 0.5.6, and
added support for Gaelyk 0.5.6 and App Engine version 1.3.8. The
maven-gaelyk archetype is a tool that aims to facilitate the
creation of a best practices Maven Gaelyk project. It can be
downloaded from github now.

Bug Fixes For Apache Portable Runtime Library

The Apache
Portable Runtime Project
have announced version 0.9.19 of both
the APR Apache Portable Runtime library and the APR-util Apache
Portable Utility library.
Both are security and bug fix releases, which target users who
require APR 0.9 compatibility. The Apache Portable Runtime advise
that the security fixes in these releases be evaluated in the
context of how APR-consuming applications use them, in order to
determine if they cover vulnerabilities in your specific
application. The fixes include a denial of service attack, buffer
over-read flaws in the bundled copy of expat, and overflow in rmm.
Both releases can be downloaded now.

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