A new challenger approaches!

Could SAP be about to enter the PaaS market?

Elliot Bentley

With yesterday’s major update, speculation grows that SAP’s PaaS, NetWeaver Cloud, may be close to release.

crowded PaaS market may be about to become even more
hotly-contested, as speculation grows that SAP’s NetWeaver Cloud
may be close to release.

A major update pushed
includes the introduction of major new ‘Persistence’
and ‘Connectivity’ services, which allow for integration of SAP’s
HANA technology and integration with other SAP services – two key
selling points for the service.

It’s possible that NetWeaver Cloud may be launched at SAP’s
TechEd conference, which
takes place in two weeks’ time. However, according to
, a company spokesperson declined to comment on the

While the PaaS market is hardly lacking in players, SAP’s entry is
particularly interesting due to compatibility with services such as

, their proprietary in-memory database technology, and the
fact that it runs on SAP’s own Oracle-certified Java Virtual
Machine, SAP JVM.

Currently, NetWeaver Cloud only supports Java EE 6 – though
frameworks such as Spring are supported, and support for Java 7 and
other languages is “planned for future releases”
according to an FAQ

While the company’s entry into the market has been a long time
coming, a player as large as SAP may be able to carve out a
significant slice of the market on brand name and interoperability

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