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Corporate IT is clueless on Cloud

Will Cloud marginalize corporate IT and create security problems? Various studies have begun to answer in the affirmative.

A recent study by CA and Ponemon Institute have released a study on Security of Cloud Computing Users study with data from 642 and 283 IT practitioners in the United States and Europe respectively.

Most strikingly the respondents say they do not have complete knowledge of all the cloud computing resources deployed within their organizations.

Cloud computing deployment decisions are decentralized and business users are in the driving seat. They make deployment decisions without involving the IT teams or without any security review.   IT practitioners say business users are ‘more responsible’ for ensuring a safe cloud computing environment than corporate IT.

Corporate IT also lacks confidence in their organizations’ ability to secure data and applications deployed on public clouds, and give a substantially higher rating to the security of on-premise computing resources. 

Corporate IT is particularly worried about securing the physical location of data assets and restricting  privileged user access to sensitive data.

You can download the full report at CA web site

Arun Mysore

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