CouchDB vs Couchbase

Controversial debate – CouchDB creator says future is Couchbase, away from Apache

Chris Mayer

Damien Katz’s decision to move towards commercially viable CouchDB causes community backlash

Apache CouchDB’s creator Damien Katz created quite the stir
yesterday with his blogpost ‘The Future of CouchDB’ which revealed
that he and the Couchbase team were keen to move towards Couchbase
Server, and away from the Apache relationship. They also want
to port large portions of code from Erlang to C++

Couchbase Server is claimed to be a similar project that melds

and Membase. Many were likely confused by the opening
gambit but Katz clarified why:

It’s not that we think CouchDB isn’t awesome. It’s that we
are creating the successor to it: Couchbase Server. A product and
project with similar capabilities and goals, but more faster, more
scalable, more customer and developer focused. And definitely not
part of Apache.

He went on further to say that the Apache model

a consensus based, developer community that helps
govern and move the project forward. But for us, it’s no
longer enough.

This hints that CouchDB is no longer maintainble under its
current structure, suggesting that Couchbase Server is Katz’s way
of making the NoSQL database commercially viable without the issues
that Apache may bring. Some at the forefront of the open source
community may think this is stabbing the backs of those who made
CouchDB possible and what it is today.

In an interview
with InfoQ
, Katz discussed the flaws with the Apache

We need to be responsive to our customers and
users needs, and that often proved difficult and frustrating with
the Apache project process. Keeping code in sync was a huge

A storm was brewing on Hacker News
however soon after the blogpost appeared, with many commenters
irate at how Katz had chosen to leave CouchDB

Other blogposts soon surfaced, reassuring those
irked by this acrimonious departure that Couch DB was still
thriving. Bradley
‘s response was fairly succinct however:

First of all, don’t panic. The Apache CouchDB project is
thriving. There are plenty of core contributors who are dedicated
to the project. If you’re using CouchDB, you’re fine. If you’re
considering using CouchDB, you’ll be fine. CouchDB has a bright
future ahead of it. Couchbase has repeatedly said that they’re not
the CouchDB company, so this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

My interpretation of this announcement is that CouchDB is
forking. Going forward, you’ll have two choices, either Apache
CouchDB or Couchbase Server. The road
map for Apache CouchDB
 will continue to be determined by
community consensus. The road map for Couchbase Server will be
determined by Couchbase, the company.

also reassured the community and customers that the
plans for the future were still very much the same aspirationals
ones with Apache CouchDB

What is certain that this fork in the CouchDB road will suit
both parties in the long run. In a nutshell, this tweet appears to
convey community opinion

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