Legacy Mode

Connected Data Objects

Jessica Thornsby

Problems converting your model to CDO? Legacy Mode is here to make life easier.

The Connected Data Objects (CDO) team have announced the completion of the legacy mode feature in

Before getting started with CDO, the developer must convert
their model to CDO. However, not all models can be converted to CDO
native models – and some developers simply don’t like to convert
their models. If, for whatever reason, you cannot use a native CDO
model, then you can activate legacy mode and use pure EMF objects
with the CDO repository. The CDO team ask the developer to bear in
mind that native mode is still recommended, to get the most out of
CDO scalability and performance. The CDO team also report that the
legacy mode is slower, in most cases, than native mode.

CDO legacy support is configurable, and turned off by default.
For more information on running the legacy mode feature, please see
Martin Fluegge’s blog postj.

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