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Concurrent seal $4m investment for big data application Cascading framework

Chris Mayer

The data application framework, which builds on Hadoop, gets backing for enterprise version

Concurrent, the corporate face behind the development of
the Cascading
framework, have sealed $4m in their first round of VC

Founded by Cascading’s author Chris Wensel in
2008, the firm were in the first wave of startups setup to deal
with the complexity of developing big data applications. Whilst the
rest of the pack (mostly) focused on augmenting Hadoop
services, Concurrent
chose to continue development on Cascading, an application
framework that sits on top of the data muncher.

The Java API is designed to allow
rapid development of rich
analytics applications and complex data flows. It
provides support for any JVM language,
with Scala support bolstered by Twitter’s open-source
library Scalding.

Although the framework has found its way into
the production environments of Twitter, Etsy and Ebay,

The Register reports
that Concurrent’s
consulting business is struggling.

“By not having the capital and talent to boost
our vision, we risk losing all we have done and will never reach
the places we can see,” Wensel told The Register. “Since I care
about following through with my word to my early adopters that I
would see Cascading through and not abandon it, I need to build a
sustainable business around Cascading.”

In some respects, Concurrent were ahead of the
curve. Receiving acclaim with some of the larger companies for
their forward-thinking framework was a good start, but this failed
to trickle down without an enterprise version ready to

New CEO Gary Nakamura (appointed in parallel
with the funding announcement) believes he’s joined “at a pivotal
time” and that the new investment will enable Concurrent to

“Our investors’ confidence in Concurrent
validates our strategy and the pioneering work we have done since
the launch of Cascading in 2008. This new investment will enable us
to build on this foundation,” explains the former Terracotta vice

Nakamura’s appointment allows Casading’s creator
to take the role of CTO. Concurrent say
they’ll use the funds to expand their core team ahead the scheduled
enterprise beta version of Cascading – something which is
desperately needed to gain

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