Ruby on NetBeans

Community Rally to Continue Ruby on NetBeans Support

Jessica Thornsby

After it was announced that NetBeans were pulling the plug on Ruby support, it seems that Ruby on NetBeans isn’t dead yet.

After NetBeans announced they would be dropping Ruby support in
forthcoming releases, Thomas Enebo has blogged about how the
community can help keep Ruby on NetBeans alive. He reveals that
himself, JRuby’s Yoko Harada, Charles Nutter, and Nick Sieger will
work on Ruby on NetBeans support in their spare time, along with
former Ruby NetBeans engineer Erno Mononen, and Geertjan Wielenga.
However, this team are looking for community support, and request
that anyone interested in contributing join the dev mailing list
dev at Moving forward, the project will continue
to use the NetBeans mailing lists and issue tracker, in an attempt
to simplify integrating into the NetBeans AutoUpdate process. The
hg repo will be mirrored on Github, in an effort to bring more
visibility to the initiative. The current 600 open issues will be
re-prioritised based on the level of support the team can provide,
with Bundler and Rails 3 support being high on the list of

“Ruby on NetBeans is already an impressive project, but like any
OSS project it needs maintenance and care. If you think Ruby on
NetBeans is important and you’re thinking about helping…please
do. Even if you know nothing about NetBeans internals or you have
never contributed to an OSS project before: Jump in head first!
Getting involved in OSS is always a great learning experience and
you will be a better person for it,” concludes Thomas Enebo.

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