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CloudSoft open sources DevOps PaaS, Brooklyn

Chris Mayer

The cloud innovators are at it again, this time launching a new control plane Brooklyn

Multi-cloud application management gurus Cloudsoft have announced
the launch of Brooklyn, an open
source policy-driven distributed control plane offering a
single-click deployment across machines, clouds and locations.

Unlike the normal infrastructure-centric alternatives,
Brooklyn is tearing up the rulebook
with a new application-focused 
approach to managing
resources and workloads, rather than working with the underlying

On the face of it, Brooklyn could be seen as a next-gen DIY
PaaS. Brooklyn creates bridges with existing and new
applications to truly become the mainframe for running the entire
show, providing continuous governance and real-time elasticity for
mission-critical applications running in private, public or hybrid
cloud environments. Surely something that is desired across the
board by all companies working with security-critical

Cloudsoft claim that by using Brooklyn, developers no longer
have to worry about scalability or working with certain cloud
providers nor do they have to write code to deal with it. Brooklyn
does it all on their behalf.

“Brooklyn makes managing your business in the cloud a breeze,”
said Duncan Johnston-Watt, founder and CEO, Cloudsoft. “From the
outset we made bringing business to the cloud a priority for
Cloudsoft but with Brooklyn this is finally a reality. Enabling
enterprises to use cloud without losing control and providing them
with effective cloud brokerage as their appetite for cloud
increases and their policies change over time is a powerful

“It is hardly a coincidence that Brooklyn has struck such a
chord with enterprises seeking open, flexible and automatically
managed application platforms,” added Alex Heneveld, co-founder
& CTO, Cloudsoft. “Central to its success is not the fact that
it is open source so much as its ability to harness the power of
established open source projects such as Apache Whirr and jclouds as well as showcase the
benefits of PaaS; highlighting Brooklyn’s role in the DevOps
toolchain in the process.”

With Whirr and jclouds already sitting atop the cloud perch as
highly recommended tools for enterprises, Brooklyn should fit in
quite well as part of the Cloudsoft open source offering.

The flexibility within Brooklyn really sets it apart as there’s
so much potential here. By breaking down the boundaries that often
inhibit the managerial aspect of multi-cloud enterprise platforms
and bringing in a dash of DevOps, Brooklyn could usher in a
completely new approach altogether. It will certainly increase
adoption enterprise-wide of PaaS, for sure

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