Building Private and Hybrid Clouds

CloudForms Joins the IaaS Cloud Market

Jessica Thornsby

JAXenter speaks to cloud operations product manager at Red Hat, Bryan Che, about the CloudForms platform.

Earlier this month, Red Hat launched a beta program for
, a new product that allows users to create and
manage Infrastructure-as-a-Service private and hybrid clouds. In
this interview, JAXenter speaks to Bryan Che, who is responsible
for product management at Red Hat, about this new project.

JAXenter: You recently launched a beta program
for CloudForms. What is CloudForms?

Bryan Che: CloudForms is a software product for
building private and hybrid IaaS clouds. It provides resource
management, application lifecycle management, and infrastructure

Traditional IaaS products focus on resource management on top of
a narrow set of virtualization and public cloud providers.
CloudForms is much more comprehensive and offers:

-resource management for the entire IT infrastructure–not just
the portion virtualized with a particular hypervisor. Via
DeltaCloud support, CloudForms can manage your choice of physical
servers, virtualization hypervisor, and public cloud
-application management tools to bring your applications into the
cloud and manage them there.
-infrastructure services, like storage and messaging, for building
a cloud.

JAXenter: In your opinion, what are the key
problems with first-generation cloud products? And how does
CloudForms aim to address these?

Bryan: They focus just on resource management
across a narrow set of virtualization and public cloud providers
and thus don’t deliver the benefit of cloud to all your IT
infrastructure. They don’t help you bring your applications into
the cloud to make your cloud useful. And, they don’t provide many
key infrastructure services.

CloudForms provides capabilities across all this:

-Infrastructure services to build your cloud
-Resource management to manage and operate your cloud
-Application tools to get your applications into your cloud and use
them there

JAXenter: What is the current status of the
CloudForms IaaS?

Bryan: CloudForms is currently in Beta, with GA
targeted for Fall this year.

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