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CloudBees: 'You get as many concurrent build agents as you want.'

CloudBees Interview

Jessica Thornsby

JAXenter speaks to CloudBees CEO, Sacha Labourey, on his new SaaS project.

  • Sacha Labourey

    Born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, in 1975, Sacha Labourey is an entrepreneur specialized in information technologies. He is the founder and CEO of Cloud Bees, Inc., a startup in the fast growing cloud computing market. He is also advisor and investor in several other ventures, including eXo Platform and Wallix. In 2003, Sacha Labourey founded JBoss’ European headquarters and, as General Manager for Europe, led the strategy and partnerships that helped fuel the company’s growth. While in this position, he led the recruitment of some of JBoss key talents and acquisition of key technology. In 2005, he was appointed CTO of JBoss, Inc. and as such, oversaw all of JBoss engineering. In June 2006, JBoss, Inc. was acquired by Red Hat (NYSE:RHT), leader of the Linux Operating System, for $420m. After the acquisition, Sacha Labourey remained JBoss CTO and played a crucial role in integrating and productizing JBoss software with Red Hat offerings. In 2007, Sacha became co-General Manager of Red Hat’s middleware division. He left Red Hat in April 2009. Prior to JBoss, Inc., he was the founder of Cogito Informatique, a Swiss IT consulting firm. Sacha Labourey holds a Master.

After a beta of the CloudBees software as a service for Java developers was released last month, JAXenter spoke to CEO Sacha Labourey about this new project, how it ties in with Hudson, and performing Continuous Integration in the cloud.

JAXenter: Can you explain the CloudBees project?

Sacha Labourey: Our company aims at delivering the leading Java Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS). Yet, instead of focusing solely on the production aspect, we aim at delivering services that will help developers all along the application lifecycle, from development to production, through QA and staging. We think the cloud can enable developers to refocus on their applications and remove any IT concern on the way.

JAXenter: How does the CloudBees SaaS for Java developers, leverage Hudson?

Sacha Labourey: Our Hudson as a Service offering is very much our first “PaaS customer”: we have made Hudson multi-tenant and allow developers to get top-quality, stable continuous integration in the cloud without spending any time setting it up or maintaining it.

JAXenter: What are the benefits of performing Continuous Integration in the cloud?

Sacha Labourey: CI usage is very spiky: when you perform releases or at specific point in time during the day, you need a lot of compute resources but at other times you don’t use them at all, which makes CI very suitable for the cloud where resources can be obtained on-demand. When you try to achieve this on-demand, first it is not necessarily easy to get those resources from the IT department, typically more focused on production and post-production issues, and then managing a farm of compute resources is time-intensive. With CloudBees, you do not need to manage anything, we do everything for you, and you get as many concurrent build agents as you want, concurrently, and pay only by the minute of usage. You really get the best of all worlds.

JAXenter: What additional products and services, will CloudBees deliver in the future?

Sacha Labourey: We are currently working on our first PaaS offering and, in parallel, on adding new development services next to our first Hudson service.

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