SendGrid, Websolr and AppDynamics onboard

CloudBees expands cloud partner ecosystem

Chris Mayer

CloudBees is looking to bolster its Java PaaS offering, by welcoming three cloud services into the fold.

A platform-as-a-service should always look to freshen up its
act, and one such Java PaaS company seem to be doing this more than
most. CloudBees have today announced three new additions to their
Partner Ecosystem, welcoming in SendGrid, Websolr and AppDynamics
in as integrated cloud services.

Developers using CloudBees will now be able to hook up to these
cloud services, as well as others such as Sauce Labs, JFrog, New
Relic, CollabNet Codesion, with a single click through the
platform; and importantly without going through laborious
configuration. As PaaS adoption continues to grow, these
partnerships could prove pivotal in the long run, with many
newcomers seeking out the optional extras to the platform

CloudBees transparently provisions the partner services and
integrates all charges into one bill, convenient for the person in
charge of cloud services within the enterprise, allowing them to
get on with the most important part – building and testing their
Java web applications in the cloud.  CloudBees of all the
PaaS companies seem to get this the most – that the focus needs to
be on the developer and making their life easier through the
integration of services.

The trio of new partners announced by CloudBees today enable
cloud-based email, managed search services and performance
management functionality.  

Cloud-based email infrastructure service SendGrid, breaks down and greatly
reduces cost and complexity of managing custom email systems.
Importantly, SendGrid provides reliable delivery, scalability and
real-time analytics along with flexible APIs, meaning customisation
of email systems can no longer be seen as a mammoth task.

“We’re excited to offer CloudBees PaaS users one-click access to
SendGrid’s advanced email deliverability service,” said Isaac
Saldana, president and co-founder, SendGrid, Inc. “Now it’s even
easier for CloudBees developers to focus on developing great
applications instead of managing email servers.”

Open source search engine, Websolr, gives developers the
ability to index and search their content. Based upon Apache Solr
(but as the name suggests with a web feel) Websolr’s finetunes
searching and gets rid of endless servers needed to maintain search

They were equally buoyant about the partnership, as co-founder
Nick Zadrozny said: ”We are excited to join the CloudBees
Partner Ecosystem to help developers provide a fast and flexible
full-text search experience,”

He added: “Our fully managed hosting service for the open source
Apache Solr search engine is a great fit for savvy developers who
want access to the best search features and functionality without
the distraction of managing another set of servers.”

Finally, and arguably the most salient addition to the Partner
Ecosystem is Java performance monitoring sages AppDynamics, offering a new
kind of application solution that helps developers build
applications that perform and scale in the cloud. The AppDynamics
application gives developers real-time, code-level visibility into
the performance of Java applications and databases (either SQL or
NoSQL) to help tune and optimize them.  

“We’re enthusiastic about partnering with CloudBees and enabling
Java developers to manage the applications that they create using
the CloudBees platform,” said Stuart Horne, vice president of
business development, AppDynamics. “Building applications for the
cloud offers tremendous advantages for operations and development
teams, but it also brings a whole herd of new challenges. The
CloudBees platform will help facilitate the creation of cloud-based
applications, and AppDynamics will enable the monitoring and
management of those applications to ensure flawless uptime and
performance. It’s a perfect fit.”

 With this triple offering, CloudBees is positioning itself
as the one-stop-shop for cloud application development and helping
developers get a comprehensive cloud PaaS for them.

“CloudBees customers continue to tell us that the services
provided by our Ecosystem Partners are a valuable addition to our
platform. Adding services from SendGrid, Websolr and AppDynamics is
another win for our customers,” said Andrew Lee, vice president of
business development, CloudBees. “The CloudBees Ecosystem offers
seamless integration across a variety of value-add cloud services,
providing a more unified experience for users. Developers benefit
from being able to code, build, test, deploy, monitor and maintain
their applications all from a single

Who’s next to join them though?

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