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Cloud will host or transit 1/3rd of all digital information

An IDC study has said by 2020, more than 1/3rd of all digital information created annually will either live in or pass through the cloud.

The amount of digital information created annually will grow by a factor of 44 from 2009 to 2020, as all major forms of media – voice, TV, radio, print – will switch to digital mode.

More than 70% of the digital content would be generated by individuals. But enterprises would have the responsibility for the storage, protection, and management of 80% of the content.

IDC also reports that enterprises would spend more on cloud to reduce the portion of their IT budget devoted to legacy system maintenance.

The IDC study, The Digital Universe Decade – Are You Ready?, was sponsored by EMC. You can view the full report at the EMC web site.

Arun Mysore

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