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Cloud Storage software 2.5 brings processing to storage

Cloud Storage software 2.5 brings processing to storage

ParaScale has announced the release of ParaScale Cloud Storage software 2.5 to address 'big data’ requirements.  

The new release brings processing to enterprise storage tier rather than moving large datasets across the network to temporary computing clusters.

In addition Release 2.5 features: Cloud Scale data protection and data security and advanced multi-tenant virtual file System.  

"The influx of fast growing data volumes is driving a need for storage that can manage and process large data sets more efficiently and intelligently,” says Terri McClure, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group.

“The challenge is that the bottleneck has shifted to the network. It just doesn’t make sense to move large data sets across the network; it’s much more efficient to bring the processing to the data. With this release, ParaScale is laying the foundation for a new class of application-enabled storage,” he adds.

Please visit Parascale web site for more details

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