Daily Roundup

Cloud Foundry Opens Doors to Scala Developers

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, incubator releases for Apache Lucy and Hama.

GPars Reaches 0.12

0.12 has been released. The GPars project offers Java developers
ways to handle Java and Groovy tasks concurrently. This version
allows for ActiveObjects, and adds composable asynchronous
functions and an AST transformation to make functions asynchronous.
Child tasks can now be run directly and codenarc support has been
added in build. More information on the various changes, is
available at the Release Notes.

Cloud Foundry Welcomes Scala Developers

The Cloud Foundry PaaS now supports the Scala programming language,
and its related frameworks. According to the announcement, “most”
Scala applications written to Lift and Spring will now deploy to
Cloud Foundry without modification. Scala web apps that do not use
application services (for example, a database) should deploy to
Cloud Foundry without modification, regardless of the framework
used, or even if no framework is used at all.

Scala support is already available in the Cloud Foundry
and will be live at the Cloud Foundry
, over the next few weeks.

Scalate 1.5.0 Adds Cofeescript Filters

Version 1.5.0 of the Scalate template engine
has been released. Scalate supports the Ssp, Scaml and Mustache
template languages. This version upgrades to Scala 2.9.0-1, and
adds a Scalate JRebel plugin. A new helper method,
‘captureAttributeAppend’ has been added for appending fragments of
a template to an attribute, for example,building up lists of style
sheet or javascript inclusions. There are also new scss, sass and
cofeescript filters. More information is available at the Changelog.

Apache Lucene Port Announces Incubating

The Apache Lucy team have released version 0.1.0 from the
Apache Incubator. The Lucy project provides a full-text search
engine library targeted at dynamic languages, and is a “loose C”
port of Apache Lucene. Previous to entering the Incubator, Lucy was
developed as a subproject of Apache Lucene. The 0.1.0 release can
be downloaded now.

Hama Distributed Computing Framework Releases

The Hama team have made their first release under
the Apache Incubator. Hama is a distributed computing framework
based on Bulk Synchronous Parallel computing techniques. This
initial 0.2.0-incubating release includes the Bulk Synchronous
Parallel framework and some examples, and the CLI-based managing
and monitoring tool of Bulk Synchronous Parallel job. This
incubating release can be downloaded now.

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