New thinking, powerful alliance

Citrix seek new cloud blueprint with investment into Java PaaS Cumulogic

Chris Mayer

The company behind OpenStack are looking to break down the walls for cloud, by investing in new thinking Java PaaS Cumulogic

Little more than a month on from unleashing their
have been given a seal of approval from virtualisation

The undisclosed investment from Citrix’s Startup Accelerator,
which injects capital into flourishing enterprises, suggests that
the cloud computing giant behind CloudStack is interested in
targeting new markets away from their specialist area of

Founded by veterans of Sun
last year, Cumulogic have since
positioned themselves as a comprehensive cloud platform,
streamlining the process of deploying and managing Java mobile, web
and enterprise applications on public, private or hybrid

The management side is key here for enterprises wading into
the field, as Cumulogic offer autoscaling, monitoring and metering
as standard features, making it far less bewildering to those
hesitant of pushing their applications out into the unknown,
knowing they have that level of visibility.

Even with .NET and Windows apps support promised imminently,
the Java heritage is still the lifeblood of the company,
‘Father of Java’ James Gosling acting as an
advisor. Cumulogic isn’t a closed wall proposition either, allowing
the developer to choose the development environment that suits
them, including Netbeans and Eclipse.

Similarly, Cumulogic has spent the last year
adding support for the most popular
infrastructures, such as the private clouds of CloudStack,

OpenStack and VMware’s vSphere as well as Amazon EC2 and HP
Cloud Services for public clouds
- well aware that vendor lock-in is
a big turnoff these days.

In a statement, Citrix explained they were keen on the
startup’s “ability to bridge between traditional datacenters and
clouds at the application level”.
This has
recently become a big talking point with PaaS
especially with enterprises finally registering

Michael Harries, Citrix Chief Technologist
recognises that this area is still in transition and the boundaries
are becoming blurred, adding:

Cloud has entered the zeitgeist as a shorthand for
internet, scalability and the rapid shift to using remote computers
of all flavors. From a technologist perspective, we’ve fixed on
SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS to differentiate between flavors of cloud
computing, even with broad agreement that the game is not fully
played and we’ll see much more evolution in this space.”

Founder and CTO of Cumulogic Rajesh Ramchandani said the
investment would help validate their “vision of the evolution of
the datacenter to the cloud computing

With the three standard layers of cloud computing merging,
the market is changing dramatically. Likewise, PaaS is still a
developing field as new companies seem to arrive monthly. The
ultimate goal for them is to tie down partnerships with
infrastructure players to make sure they get maximum exposure with
larger customer bases.

From Citrix’s perspective, this move solidifies their
intention to create a new blueprint for cloud infrastructures,
embracing newer technologies that are making headway. Whilst
they’re not necessarily outright buying Cumulogic, this powerful
alliance could have huge ramifications down the road as

both continue to blossom.

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