Biggest bug hunt yet!

CDI reference implementation Weld 1.1.6 Final lands, OSGi incoming

Chris Mayer

The last release for JBoss’s CDI reference implementation before focusing entirely on 2.0

The JBoss community is pleased to announce the arrival of
Weld 1.1.6 Final, which
lead Ales Justin describes as ‘probably the biggest bug
squashing fest’ since taking over the project.’

Weld is the JBoss reference implementation (RI)
JSR-299: Java
Contexts and Dependency Injection for the Java EE platform, or
better known as CDI. With the CDI JCP specification being led by
Red Hat’s
 Gavin King, the ties
between Java EE and JBoss for CDI are quite strong, with Weld being
incredibly popular in the community.

There is a raft of handled issues to go through, with 50 changes
in New
and Noteworthy
. The biggest of these include proper
co-operation with the IBM JDK, Servlet Injection for EAP 5.1, an
updated Maven Jetty plug-in, a reconfigured Maven Eclipse plug-in
and M2E ignores Checkstyle. Weld Servlet now uses Guava instead of
the defunct Google Collections.

As you can see, it’s a pretty mammoth
effort from the Weld team. They say that this will be the final
release in the 1.1. series, as they want to introduce OSGi
integration, which would mean API changes.

Now focus shifts towards the next
iteration of Weld, with the second Alpha version of 2.0.0 expected
imminently, at the end of March. This will bring in parallel
bootstrap and memory footprint reduction.

We can expect the full version towards
the end of 2012, but the team appears to be on the right path to
meeting that target. We’re looking forward to see what it can

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