What Do You Want to See in JDK 8?

Call for Community Input in Planning JDK 8

Jessica Thornsby

Mark Reinhold proposes new process for collecting JDK 8 proposals.

According to a post by Mark Reinhold, “it’s time to start thinking about planning JDK
.” He goes on to explain that “some of the big-ticket items”
have already been defined, but there’s still room for other new
features, and the JDK team want the community to get involved in
the decision making process. The first step, is defining a process
for collecting and organising the proposals for new features in
both JDK 8 and later releases. Reinhold proposes collecting
proposals as structured text files in a Mercurial repository, and
has posted an example draft proposal in this format. If you
have something to say about this idea, be sure to visit the
Planning JDK 8 thread!

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