Proposed Eclipse Project

Building Eclipse Plugins with Tycho

Jessica Thornsby

Eclipse Tycho proposal is live!

The Tycho project has been submitted as an Eclipse project.

Tycho is a set of Maven plugins and extensions that takes a
manifest-first approach to building Eclipse plugins, features,
update sites, RCP applications and OSGi bundles. Tycho can also run
JUnit test plugins with OSGi runtime, and supports the sharing of
build results using Maven artifact repositories.

Tycho will introduce new packaging types and lifecycle bindings
that allow Maven to use OSGi and Eclipse metadata during a Maven
build. I will also use OSGi metadata and OSGi rules to calculate
project dependencies, and inject them into a Maven project model at
build time. It will support all attributes of the Eclipse OSGi
resolver, including Require-Bundle, Import-Package, and

Tycho will collaborate with Eclipse’s similar, pre-existing
solutions on P2 interoperability issues, but the proposal makes it
clear that, P2 interoperability aside, Tycho competes with these

The team currently plan to release Tycho 1.0 in the third
quarter of 2010.

More information is available at the project

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