Java Runtime

Bug Fixes with Apache Harmony 5.0 M15 and 6.0 M3

Jessica Thornsby

Bug fixes for 6.0 M3 and new implementations for 5.0 M15.

The Apache Harmony team have announced the release of 5.0
Milestone 15 and 6.0 Milestone 3.

The 5.0 Milestone 15 release adds nls to print and
additional unit tests to increase the functional verification for
javac. PNGMetadataFormat, ImageWriterSpi.isOwnWriter and
ImageReaderSpi.isOwnReader have all been implemented. There is also
a list of bug fixes.

Apache Harmony 6.0 Milestone 3 fixes bugs relating to Jar
decoding, and a DecimalFormat applyPattern error.

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