Project Lambda to be Discussed in Open

Brian Goetz Posts Details of Project Lambda JSR

Jessica Thornsby

Brian Goetz reveals there will be public mailing and discussion lists for Project Lambda JSR.

Brian Goetz has posted about Project Lambda’s possible
inclusion in Java SE 8. He reveals that the Expert Group will take
the State of the Lambda documents as a starting point, validate and
explore the design, and then work towards producing a
specification, RI and TCK. Alex Buckley, Maurizio Cimadamore,
Fredrik Ohrstrom, and Robert Field will aid the Expert Group in
their endeavour. Brian Goetz also reveals that this JSR will use
both a public mailing list and a public discussion list for the
Expert Group discussion, with the possibility of mail from the
Expert Group list being automatically forwarded to the public
discussion list. “Oracle is committed to developing Java in the
open,” he states. The existing OpenJDK repository will be used for
developing the RI.

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