BPM is the new ERP!

The rising fortunes of BPM has prompted former IDC analyst Dennis Byron to dub it the next ERP or the next killer application of enterprise software.

He notes that within IT departments in-house application developers are a dwindling tribe, while the number of BI and business analysts is in the rise.

The app developers are in decline due to the spread of packaged software and IT outsourcing. The packaged software and outsourcing vendors such as SAP, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft are ‘well positioned to take advantage of the BPM explosion,’ he says.

Does the road to BPM lead to better IT systems as well? Mr Byron thinks so.

With the movement from app development to BPM, the idea is to “get the human out of the process flow,” he says. “With BPM, fewer tasks; with BPM integrated with BI, fewer mistakes before executing those tasks,” he adds.

We are not sure if sharing honours with ERP is the best thing that can happen to BPM at the moment. Despite best intentions ERP has come to stand for multi-year, multi-million dollar ventures without assured return.  In the post-recession world where CIOs are sworn to uphold ROI, traditional ways of doing ERP is a taboo.

For BPM to become the next killer enterprise app, it has to learn to avoid the minefield ERP walked into.


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