Java Expert Turns Down SE Groups Invitation

Bob Lee Refuses To Join Java SE 7 and 8 Expert Groups

Jessica Thornsby

Bob Lee has made the difficult decision to turn down an invitation to the Java SE 7 and 8 expert groups, claiming Java SE is not open enough for him.

Bob Lee has announced that he has turned down an invitation to join the Java SE 7 and 8
expert groups. Despite admitting it was a difficult decision, he
maintains that he wishes to contribute to open source projects and
open standards, and Java SE’s anti-competitive licensing
restrictions, means he cannot view it as an open standard. He
agrees with Apache’s confrontational stance against Oracle, and
“hope(s) Eclipse comes around.” Eclipse have generally been
pragmatic about the situation, and although the Foundation have
expressed their disapproval of Oracle withholding the TCK from
Harmony, have decided “the time has come to move on.”

In the recently announced JSR’s, Oracle have applied
additional licensing restrictions. Bob Lee questions whether this
is even legal, as all of the intellectual property in Java SE was
not created by Oracle. The JSPA section 4.D enables contributors to
withdraw their IP contributions if a specification lead, such as
Oracle, “makes significant changes” to the licensing terms.

Bob Lee seems to suggest this could be the way forward for
contributors who feel their donations are being misused: “it’s not
clear to me exactly how section 4.D applies to umbrella JSRs like
Java SE, but I’d say that changes preventing independent open
source implementations qualify as a “significant.”

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