Big Changes for DSDP Project

Big Changes for DSDP Project

Jessica Thornsby

The DSDP Top-Level project will be terminated; new homes for MTJ, Sequoyah, and RTSC.

Major changes are afoot at the DEVICE software
development Platform

The DSDP project will be subjected to a combined Restructuring/Termination, due to decreased
participation in the project. DSDP was originally conceived to
raise awareness of Eclipse to the embedded community.

Firstly, the Top-level project will be terminated and archived.
will meet the same fate, due to complete lack of code committed in
any Eclipse source code repository, plus its outdated website and
metadata. Blinki was originally intended to include the open source
framework WebKit for SWT, a simulated smartphone web previewer
framework, and a web UI rendering kit. Also joining Blinki, is the
project, which hasn’t seen a commit since April 2009.
The Device Debugging code has already been moved to CDT. The Native
Application Builder will be terminated, as there are no actual
committers to the project, just a project lead.

The Mobile Tools for Java (MTJ) project will become a
Subproject of Sequoyah, which has previously inherited components
from TmL and Pulsar, and recently released Sequoyah 1.0.1 as part
of the Helios Service Release. The Sequoyah Project will, in turn,
move to Tools.

Similarly, The Real-Time Software Components (RTSC) project
will move to Eclipse Technology Project Top-Level project, which is
already home to projects such as Accessibility Tools Framework,
BPEL Designer and Babel.

The Target Communication Framework functionality will be removed
from the Target Management project, and turned into its own
project. The new, TCF project will provide a vendor-neutral network
protocol for communicating with embedded systems and unifying
independent communication links. It should help make setup and
configuration easier. The rest of the Target Management project
will be moved under the Tools project.

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