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Beta of BlackBerry Java SDK 7.0 Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, VMware acquire Socialcast and Eucalyptus 2.0.3 fixes security vulnerability.

Beta of BlackBerry Java SDK 7.0 Released

A beta of the BlackBerry Java SDK version 7.0 is
now available. The SDK includes simulators for the BlackBerry Bold
9900 series, and new APIs, including Send Menu API for adding a
Send menu item to the menu of an application, and Magnetometer APIs
for creating applications that detect the XYZ magnetic fields and
the magnetic poles. There are also new frameworks including a
dynamic mappable framework, Styles framework and Building block
framework. Users can also implement the Geofence class to define
geofenced areas and receive notifications when a BlackBerry device
user enters or leaves the specified area. More information on the
SDK, is available at the Release Notes.

Oracle to Provide Beer and Pizza for Java 7

Senior Manager at Oracle, Nichole Scott, has announced that Java 7 will be launched with live
events in Redwood Shores in California; Sao Paulo in Brazil; and
London. Oracle are also planning to support more July Java 7
events, by providing beer and pizza, and Oracle speakers to a
select few events. Oracle requests those planning to hold Java 7
events to contact them prior to June 15th.

Java 7 technical launch kits have also been created, containing
a Java 7 presentation, code samples and T-shirts, and these and can
be ordered now.

VMware Acquire Socialcast Platform

VMware have acquired Socialcast, who provide an
enterprise collaboration platform, which is delivered
as a hosted service, private cloud implementation, or via an
on-premise solution.

“For enterprise collaboration to improve business outcomes it
can’t just be a feature in a single application. Organizations need
a new social collaboration fabric across the applications people
already work with. Socialcast combines real-time activity streams
that are contextually integrated within existing enterprise
systems. This is the new way to work,” said Brian Byun, the vice
president and general manager of Cloud Applications at VMware.

Timothy Young, founder and CEO of Socialcast
has posted that the existing “leadership and employee” base will
continue to work on the Socialcast platform, and that VMware
support the current Socialcast roadmap, and have committed
“significant resources” to accelerating the platform’s technical

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Eucalyptus 2.0.3 Fixes Security

Eucalyptus have released version 2.0.3, which resolves the security issue
identified by researchers at the Ruhr-University Bochum. This
vulnerability could allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to
modify intercepted SOAP requests and submit valid commands to the
Eucalyptus SOAP interface. All versions up to and including 2.0.2
are vulnerable, and Ubuntu’s Eucalyptus-based Ubuntu Enterprise
Cloud is also vulnerable. Please note that as a results of these
changes, users may experience failures when issuing the same
command in rapid succession, as Eucalyptus can interpret them as a
replay attack.

Bug Fixes for Hudson 2.0.1

Version 2.0.1 of Hudson has been released. This
is primarily a bug fix release, which addresses issues with Hudson
failing to use the credentials stored in the subversion profile, a
cvs log error, and jobs failing after successful build process.
Please see the Release Notes for a full list of the fixes.

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