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Battle of the Java Big Guns – Who Will You Choose?

Chris Mayer
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A public announcement – organising a top-drawer conference is hard work. Now it falls to you – which sessions do you attend?

Here at JAX Towers the life of an editor can be a pressing
one.  As well as bringing you (hopefully) great and
valued content on all things Java related each day, we’ve just
finished piecing together the next issue of Java Tech Journal on
Eclipse Juno whilst simultaneously piping the sickly-sweet glazed
topping onto our sister conference, JAXConf.

It’s the work on JAXConf
that has sometimes been the most taxing…and for good reason
too.  Recently yours truly has been working alongside
Sebastian Meyen, Conference Chair for JAX Conferences Worldwide, to
finalize the scheduling of sessions and tutorials at the

One of the biggest challenges was working out how to schedule all this
magnificent content that’s going to be delivered by some of the
biggest names in the industry, without causing some major clashes.
And it struck me, if we’re finding it this hard to schedule the
stuff, how on earth are attendees going to decide which sessions to
attend, and which to miss?

Example: Day 1, after the opening Keynote you have to choose
between Stephen Chin (Hacking JavaFX with Groovy, Clojure, Scala,
and Visage), Neal Ford on Agile Architecture & Design, Josh
Long’s Walking Tour of Spring 3.1, Marko Gargenta on Architecting
Android Apps or Ted Neward’s Busy Java Developer’s Guide to Java
Bytecode. And breathe. That’s just for starters too.

The good news is that after that it gets really easy, you only
have to choose between visiting Arun Gupta, Chris Richardson,
Jevgeni Kabanov or Alasdair Nottingham, and after that between Neal
Ford, Gil Tene, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Jason Lee or David Blevins. You
may have noticed a theme emerging here.

What I’m getting at is this.  First up, this is a
brazen shout out for JAXConf – and it’s because I am pretty much
bowled over by the quality we’ve managed to put on offer. If you
haven’t signed up yet, do it now! The very least you can do is look
at the calibre of speakers attending the San
Francisco event. I’ve not even mentioned the Community Night on
the Monday, bringing together community groups from across the San
Francisco area.

And make sure you seek me out whilst you’re at the event – note,
I am fond of pints of beer!  Secondly, the editorial team
here will be trying to attend as many of the sessions, interview as
many of the luminaries as possible and garner as much original
video content as possible – for you the estemeed reader. Java EE
and Core, JVM Languages, SpringAndroid, JSF, Big Data & NoSQL,
Continuous Delivery, HTML 5 and JavaScript – we’ll cover it

Nearly two weeks to go and I’m already excited – keep your eyes
peeled for previews in the run-up, as well as coverage from the
4-day event itself (July 9-12 2012 if you werent aware). Hopefully
I’ll see you there.

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