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AWS management app released for Android

Elliot Bentley

New app allows checking in on EC2 instances on the go, while web console gets much-needed makeover.

Having started out with
raw APIs and command-line tools, AWS’ management tools have become
increasingly sophisticated, with the launch of a
web-based console in 2009

Last Friday, AWS
launched an Android app
for those needing to check in on their
servers on the go, and at the same time gave the standard web
console a tablet-friendly lick of paint.

The app, which is free to download, isn’t
designed to be a full replacement for the web console, instead
allowing basic management of existing EC2 instances and of
CloudWatch alarms, Amazon’s programmable monitoring service. AWS
service charges and overall service status is available, too.

It’s presumably laying the groundwork for a more fully-fledged app
allowing for mobile monitoring of the precious servers, and the
blog post states that they “plan to add support for additional
services very quickly”. However, reviewers on Google Play have been
quick to point out that the app lacks SSH support and, being a web
app in a native wrapper, acts a little sluggish.

As for iOS, there’s a vague promise of support for “mobile devices
running other operating systems” – but then, considering that
Amazon’s flagship Kindle Fire tablet runs Android, it may not be
worth holding your breath. Of course, with the AWS API still open,
there are plenty of third-party management apps to choose from

Less exciting, but perhaps more useful, is the upgrading of the AWS
web console in response to customer feedback. This includes a
customizable menu, inline resource summaries for easier comparison
and a larger Monitoring View for graphs. The interface refresh also
takes into account the growing number of tablet users, and so
features large Bootstrap-style buttons and support for endless

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