Vineet  Manohar

Vineet Manohar

Vineet Manohar is a programmer, entrepreneur and technology enthusiast with a total of 14 years of industry experience with large companies and small startups, including his own garage startup. Vineet graduated from Indian Institute of Technology (India) in 1997 where he won two national level programming contests. He has used Java for over 12 years and his key interests lie in large scale systems and web frameworks which has led him to TripAdvisor LLC, where he currently works as a Senior Software Engineer. You can reach him via twitter @vineetmanohar or via his blog at

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Java 7: The Top 8 Features

Language Enhancements and Features

Java 7: The Top 8 Features

It’s been a while since the last major Java release and expectations were naturally high for the upcoming release....

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