Martijn  Verburg

Martijn Verburg

Martijn Verburg is a Dutch Born Kiwi who co-leads the London JUG (aka the LJC) and also is heavily involved in the London graduate/undergraduate developer, CTO and software craftsmanship communities. The Javaranch kindly invited him to be a bartender in 2008 and he's been humbled by the awesomeness of that community ever since. He's currently working on somewhat complex JCA Connectors and an associated open source middleware platform (Ikasan) and also spends a good deal of time herding monkeys on another open source project that deals with creating characters for d20 based role playing games (PCGen). More recently he's joined Ben Evans in writing "The Well-Grounded Java Developer (Covers Java 7 and polyglot programming on the JVM) for Manning publications and can be found speaking at conferences (such as TSSJS and DevNexus) on a wide range of topics including open sourcing software, software craftsmanship and the latest advancements in the OpenJDK.

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