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Atmosphere Framework 2.0 drops today

Lucy Carey

Update of cross-framework and cross-browser asynchronous framework for real time applications on the JVM now available, with support for the Play Framework and Vert.x.

When Atmosphere 1.0
dropped just over a year ago, we wrote about the

increasing demand in the software industry

for multitasking asynchronous frameworks. There
was a lot of excitement swirling around this launch
which was the first and only asynchronous JavaScript/Java Portable
framework to run on the JVM. Check out this excellent

tutorial by JeanFrancois Arcand
for more
details on how it all works.

Roll on 12 months, and a highly excited Async-IO
development team has broken the news this morning (11am GMT) that
Atmosphere Framework has reached 2.0 status (seriously, count the
exclamation marks! in the official

So, what’s changed with the next generation of
Atmosphere? According to the creators, along with the performance
and cache memory improvements that have taken place in the
intervening months between the two big releases, the most
noticeable developments will be improved memory usage under high
s as well as better
WebSocket/fallbacks transport performance. There’s also been a
plethora of bug fixing and other fine tuning.

Additionally, the program’s deployment range has
now extended to
and Vert.x.
Atmosphere 2.0 can also support WebSockets on JBoss 7.2.x and
WildFly’s new
Servlet Container Undertow.

From a developer standpoint, Atmosphere 2.0 is
aiming to make life easier with the addition of several @Service
annotations, designed to simplify the development cycle.
 Other revamps include improved BroadcasterCache, State
Recovery after a network outage, Heart Beat Support for Proxy
lover, and revamped GWT support.

Bundled within the Atmosphere Framework
2.0.Stack are the following components:

  • runtime: server side components for Servlet
    based framework.

  • javascript: client side library for

  • wAsync: Java client side library for

  • NettoSphere: server side server running on top
    of the Netty Framework

  • VertoSphere: server side server running on top
    of the Vert.x Framework

  • Playtosphere: server side server running on top
    of the Play! Framework

You can get your hands on the all-singing, all-dancing
new version of Atmosphere here.

Image by wontolla-gdl
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