Daily Roundup

Atlassian Release Prototype for JIRA and MDS Eclipse Plugin 1.1 Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Friends Of Eclipse now accepting funding requests.

MDS Eclipse Plugin 1.1 Released

The MDS plugin has reached version 1.1. This Eclipse plugin extends the
Android ADT to enable the development of Android apps with the
PhoneGap framework, and UI frameworks such as Sencha Touch and
jQuery Mobile.

This release adds jQuery Mobile Integration, and comes with a
PhoneGap Example built with jQuery Mobile and the default jQuery UI
Demo. It also features Sencha Touch Integration, and offers a
one-step configuration option to include a Sencha Touch
installation. A PhoneGap Example built using Sencha Touch APIs is
included, and the plugin comes bundled with the latest Eclipse JSDT

Atlassian Replace JIRA Project Details Page

Atlassian have released a JIRA Project Configuration prototype that
replaces the existing project details page in the JIRA admin. The
prototype provides a new way to visualise your project settings,
such as issue types, workflows, fields and screens.


Please note that currently the prototype is read-only, and not
all functionality works.

Friends Of Eclipse Accepting Funding

A Friends of Eclipse program expansion has been launched. There will
now be a governance process for transparently allocating the
Friends of Eclipse funds. Funds will be distributed on a quarterly
basis. To request funds, users can write a proposal and submit it
via bugzilla. Please note that any allocation is subject to any
restrictions defined by the Eclipse Bylaws, and Board

Dimdim Acquired By Salesforce.com

The Dimdim web meeting product and company has been acquired by
. Although Dimdim are reporting that they will
remain fully operational during the transition, no new
registrations will be accepted. Current monthly accounts will be
available until March 15th, while annual accounts will remain
available until their current subscription ends. Recordings will no
longer be available after account expiration, although recording
files, documents and chat transcripts can be downloaded before
then. Account upgrades are no longer available. What does this mean
for the open source code Dimdim previously released? The good news
is that the project will remain on SourceForge.net, but Dimdim will no longer be
contributing to this project.

Oracle-Enhanced Adapter for ActiveRecord

The Oracle enhanced adapter for ActiveRecord has reached
version 1.3.2. The support for database
connection pool and JNDI connections has been improved for JRuby on
Tomcat and JBoss application servers, and numeric username and
passwords in database.yml are now automatically converted to
string, whereas previously they needed to be quoted.

Smart GWT 2.4 is GWT 2.1.1 Compatible

Version 2.4 of the Smart GWT framework has been
announced. This framework offers a widget library for developing
application UIs, and can link these widgets with the server-side
for data management. This version is GWT 2.1.1 compatible, and
extends support to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The
‘FacetChart’ HTML5 Charting engine has been added as an alternative
to FusionCharts.

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