JIRA Importers Plugin

Atlassian Bundle External System Importer Code into Separate Plugin

Jessica Thornsby

Atlassian announce beta release of new JIRA Importers Plugin.

Atlassian have extracted the code from the external system
importer, into a beta release of the new JIRA Importers Plugin. This means that the
release of new importer updates is no longer dependent on a JIRA
release. Previously, compatibility issues of new releases of tools
such as Bugzilla and mantis were only addressed in subsequent
releases of JIRA. With this beta release, users can import Bugzilla
bugs into JIRA, with Bugzilla versions ranging from 2.20 to 3.6.3
supported. Users can import information including Work History, Big
File attachments and disabled user accounts. In upcoming releases,
the team will be addressing the Mantis, Fogbugz and CSV

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