More Info on OpenJDK for Mac

Apple Release Technical Details Of OpenJDK Project for Mac

Jessica Thornsby

Apple’s Mike Swingler reveals what the first drop will look like.

Apple’s Mike Swingler has posted some additional technical details regarding the news
that Apple are open sourcing the Java implementation on Mac OSX. He describes the
first drop as a “SoyLatte”-level implementation, but packaged as a
Universal Mac OS X .jdk bundle. Gradually, Apple will add
additional parts of their Java SE 6 implementation to the public
project. To be contributed, will be “the vast majority” of the
Swing Aqua Look and Feel implementation, and the eAWT/eIO API.
Apple also plan on hosting the legacy AWT widget set using
lightweight peers. However, he does reveal that parts of Apple’s SE
6 implementation will not be contributed, and cites the AWT widgets
as an example.

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