Pulling the plug

Apple disable Java plug-in on OS X

Elliot Bentley

In the wake of rampant unpatched exploits, Apple push a security update to deactivate Java plugin by default.

In a
security update released yesterday, Apple have disabled the Java
browser plug-in on OS X. This comes in the wake of several
zero-day exploits
, as well as
that Oracle are failing to patch vulnerabilities
quickly. Many publications urged readers to uninstall Java in order
to protect themselves, a storm of bad PR which appears to be
continuing unabated.

Apple has offered no official statement regarding the removal of
the Java plug-in.
However, it is worth noting that this update does not remove Java
altogether from the system, and that applications that rely on
Java, such as OpenOffice, Vuze and Photoshop, will be

With client-side Java rapidly disappearing in favour of HTML5, this
shouldn’t affect too many developers, and users can still
re-install the plugin if they really need to. Still, this
leaves two versions of Java, SE 7 and SE 6 running
side-by-side. And it’s
that Java is now considered so insecure that, as a
safety precaution, OS X users are by default not allowed to use it.
It seems Java’s future on the desktop is looking increasingly

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