Apple Leave Java Out In The Cold

Apple Ban Java From Upcoming Mac App Store

Jessica Thornsby

The new developer agreement for apps submitted to the Mac App Store show Apple are banning Java from the store.

Not only has Apple decided to pull the plug on developing Java for OS X, but
it has now emerged that Apple has banned Java from the forthcoming Mac App

In the developer agreement for apps submitted to the Mac App
Store, Apple state that “applications may only use public APIs and
frameworks included in the default installation of Mac OS X or as
bundled with Xcode as provided by Apple, deprecated technologies
(such as Java) may not be used.” Tim Anderson predicts that, although it is
unlikely Apple will attempt to regulate desktop OS X with the same
vigour they show the iPad, Apple will strongly encourage their
customers to only install apps from their own App Store. He has
some cautionary words for the community: “Remember the early days
of Java? One of the reasons it won support was that it reduced the
industry’s dependence on a single vendor and its operating system.
Plenty to think about as Apple increases its market share.”

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