New Hadoop Edition

Appistry Announce CloudIQ Storage Hadoop Edition

Jessica Thornsby

Enterprise Cloud Platform provider Appistry have announced a new edition of their CloudIQ Storage product for delivering scalable applications on private, public and hybrid clouds.

Appistry CloudIQ Storage Hadoop Edition is compatibile with the Hadoop
Distributed File System (HDFS) and ships with HDFS drivers. This
product aims to deploy applications, in the place of HDFS, which is
built around a single, non-clusterable metadata repository.
Appistry CloudIQ Storage, meanwhile, is built on a decentraliaed
architecture, with no centraliased metadata repository.

“Until now Hadoop was limited to non-critical applications. By
offering our solution as a drop-in alternative to HDFS, we’re able
to support the Hadoop user community, expand the reach of Hadoop
into mission-critical applications, and provide previously unseen
levels of reliability and performance,” said Kevin Haar, CEO of

Appistry CloudIQ Storage Hadoop Edition is currently in private
beta with a general release scheduled for Spring 2010. Interested
parties can apply now for early access.

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