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ApexIdentity Joins ForgeRock

Jessica Thornsby

ApexIdentity’s product will be open sourced and become part of the core ForgeRock I3 offering.

  • Jamie Nelson

    Jamie brings more than 20 years of experience building complex, high performance, enterprise software, with the last 10 years focused on Identity and Access Management. Prior to co-founding ApexIdentity, Jamie served as the Director of Engineering at Sun Microsystems leading their Access Management, Federation, and Web Services Security business, as well as driving the Identity Management business unit’s next-generation Identity Services platform. Jamie’s team was also responsible for creating and building the product and community around the open source single sign-on project, OpenSSO. Prior to this, Jamie held both management and engineering positions in enterprise portal software, user management, and network management.

ApexIdentity recently joined ForgeRock, whose portfolio includes OpenAM and OpenIDM. We speak to CEO of ApexIdentity Jamie Nelson, to find out what this move means for ForgeRock and ApexIdentity….

JAXenter: ApexIdentity recently joined ForgeRock. What influenced this decision?

Jamie Nelson: ApexIdentity is focused on building value add products for Access Management solutions, ForgeRock focuses on the core features of the IDM stack, the combination of the two companies provides the most feature rich offering available for Access Management customers.

JAXenter: How will ApexIdentity’s work on OAuth 2.0, be integrated into ForgeRock’s OpenAM project?

Jamie Nelson: The OAuth 2.0 work will replace the existing OAuth 1.0 implementation. It will be offered as an integrated feature of OpenAM.

JAXenter: What makes ApexIdentity and ForgeRock a good business fit?

Jamie Nelson: ApexIdentity is an engineering heavy innovation focused North American company, ForgeRock is a sales and service heavy company based in Europe. The two companies combined compliment each other perfectly in both geography and talent.

JAXenter: What does the merger mean for ApexIdentity’s products and existing customers?

Jamie Nelson: ApexIdentity’s product will be open sourced and become part of the core ForgeRock I3 offering. ApexIdentity’s customers will benefit from a much broader integrated offering of the entire ForgeRock line of products.

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