Tightening up

Apache ups GitHub integration potential

Lucy Carey

Following a “mind-boggling” debugging marathon, Apache Software Foundation declares GitHub infrastructure integration better than ever, with some cool new features.


In their own individual ways, the Apache Software
Foundation and GitHub have been important pillars of the open
source revolution. And, with so many OSS developers working between
the two infrastructures, it’s crucial that the work experience is
as seamless as possible – something that’s been boosted today with
of tighter integration between the two.

The ASF wrote on their site that, following a marathon
few weeks of tooling away and “mind-boggling” debugging, they were
happy to break the news that integration between Apache and GitHub
is now “tighter” and “smarter”.

With ultra-fast, sleek development the name of the
game in 2014, closer meshing of GitHub / Apache workflows is a very
helpful development. It follows a widely applauded revamp on the
part of GitHub last summer to to clear up irritatingly foggy

licensing policies
, which made it difficult to associate
projects with their particular license from the very outset,
leading to confusion and unwitting unlawful forks down the line.

To this effect, they’ve added in a host of new
features which will ensure higher levels of replication and
retention of whatever you’re working on over at GitHub. This will
allow for greater control over what goes on within your projects.
It also means that everything that happens in the project
development process will be logged – regardless of whether it
happens on ASF hardware or off-site on GitHub.

Moreover, any Pull Request that gets “opened, closed,
reopened, or commented on”  is recorded on the project’s
mailing list. For projects with JIRA instances, any PRs or comments
on PRs that include a JIRA ticket ID will automatically trigger an
update on the ticket in question. Finally, responding to a GitHub
comment on the dev@ mailing list will trigger a comment being
placed on GitHub.

Being the considerate souls that they are, the ASF
have made this available on an opt-in basis. If you’d like your
cross-platform project to run a little more smoothly, Apache
request that you contact infrastructure by filing a JIRA ticket with
the component set to Git, and stating which of these shiny new
features you’d like to see enabled for your project.

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