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Apache TomEE refined with 1.5 release

Chris Mayer

Six months on from the initial arrival, the modernised Tomcat gets a fresh lick of paint

Close to six months on from the first generally available
release, nimble web server Apache TomEE has
been given a bumper update.

Taking on board feedback from April’s initial arrival, TomEE 1.5
has eliminated niggling issues as shown by the number of fixes in
the extensive
. David Blevins, the creator of the Java EE
6-certified Web version of Apache Tomcat , revealed big changes to
the TomEE Stack this time round – including a new Web Profile and
JAX-RS for RESTful Web Service.

He added: “The new ‘TomEE JAXRS’ distribution shows TomEE’s
commitment to progressing its certification efforts beyond the Web
Profile and is a great alternative to the TomEE Plus distribution.

TomEE (pronounced Tommy) blends a number of Apache stalwarts,
including OpenEJB, OpenWebBeans, OpenJPA and MyFaces. This
tightly-packaged Java stack quickly garnered attention within
enterprise circles for its agility in deploying web applications,
and from Oracle themselves, who awarded it Java EE certification in
October 2011.

Other features making this refined release include extended support
for database connection pools and additional transaction support to
BoneCP and Apache Tomcat, the world’s most popular server, and the
project which spawned TomEE.

With Gartner predicting that by 2017,
70% of all Java EE applications will be on a open source
by 2017, it
ooks like the lightweight-but-powerful TomEE is poised
to be at the forefront of that movement. Check out the
release blog
and this interview with David Blevins
telling you more about it for more info:

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