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Apache Tomcat 7 cranks out another release – Tomcat 8 remains stable

Coman Hamilton

Apache Tomcat is back with more tweaks to the Java community’s favourite app server

The popular Java EE app server Tomcat has taken their
up an incremental notch. Apache Tomcat has announced
release 7.0.55
of the open-source application server –
available for download here. This
marks the 55th minor update to Tomcat 7, which made its stable
release premiere in early 2011.

As in recent updates over the past months, most of the
documented in this release include minor fixes and

Meanwhile, the Tomcat team is making progress on
Tomcat 8, which emerged in its first stable release earlier in
June. The new series gathered momentum back in April with a beta
release featuring an Eclipse JDT compiler that supports Java 8.

The current stable version (8.0.9)
adds fixes for Java 8 support, while adding new features like cross
context session replication. The previous version boasted numerous
improvements such as support for Java Servlet 3.1 and JavaServer
Pages 2.3, as well as enhancements to the resources

Previous releases have also hinted at several
‘experimental’ new features to appear in the 8th edition, such as
HTTP and AJP connectors based on NIO2. At the same time, the
framework has also introduced
for the first stable Tomcat 8 release.

Last week, Tomcat was featured in ZeroTurnaround’s RebelLab’s
list of
ten technologies
loved by modern developers. The technology,
which first appeared in 1999, has established itself as the leading
Java app server, with 50% of developers claiming they prefer it
over alternatives like JBoss and Jetty, according to

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