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Apache Subversion 1.7.3 now available

Chris Mayer

Newest Subversion arrives, progressing the versioning control slightly, but can they compete with Git?

Subversion-based enterprise software provider WANdisco has announced that the
latest release, Subversion 1.7.3,
is now available to download for free from its website, and also
through the free, open ALM platform, uberSVN. 

The new release features some more improvements from the last major
version. Subversion 1.7.3 adds support for ‘svnadmin load —
revision’ load filtering, and ‘svnadmin hotcopy — incremental’
support for FSFS, along with new subcommands. Other useful
enhancements, include:

  • the new ‘commit — include-externals’ option
  • new — ignore-properties option for ‘svn diff’
  • new — patch-compatible option for ‘svn diff”

For all information on what’s new and noteworthy, check out the
file. Also, as part of its commitment to the Subversion community,
WANdisco has made the latest, certified open source binaries
available through its website. Apache
Subversion 1.7.3 is also available through uberSVN, the open ALM platform for
Subversion that includes integrated apps, such as Jenkins and

The software versioning control, which has been around for 12
years now, faces an uphill struggle to stay to keep pace with
relative new kid on the block, Git, whose social coding approach
through Github has seen them attract a good bulk of enterprise
backing in recent years. But we do admire Subversion’s desire to
keep changing as there is still a lot of enterprises sticking with
them, as the premier option to maintain their code. It does leave
us to wonder though, how much longer will Subversion be able to
stem the Github tide?

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