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Apache Lucene and Solr 4.8 join the Java 8 compatibility club

JAX Editorial Team

Updates pivoted towards Oracle’s platform update, along with a series of feature tweaks.

Uwe Schindler has announced the
availability of Apache Lucene 4.8 – a high-performance,
full-featured text search engine library written entirely in Java,
as well as Apache Solr 4.8, the enterprise counterpart to Lucene,
which comes complete with add-ons such as faceting and

This drop is the first minor release of the Java
Search Engine and NoSQL server since February. The focus this time
is squarely on full compatibility with

Java 8
, which went live in early March

Furthermore, according to the release notes,
Apache Lucene now requires Java 7 or greater (recommended is Oracle
Java 7 or OpenJDK 7, minimum update 55; earlier versions have known
JVM bugs affecting Lucene) -
 the first version
of Lucene to have this specification.

Under the hood, Lucene has a new Rescorer /
QueryRescorer API to perform second-pass rescoring or re-ranking of
search results using more expansive scoring functions after
first-pass hit collection. This can be helpful for detecting errors
or problems that have cropped up in the past.

As for Solr, the <fields> and
<types> tags from schema.xml are now deprecated. The new
query parser now supports wildcards and ORs in phrase queries, and
a new cluster status in the Collections API also provides
information on the status of collections, shards and

The complete changes list for Lucene can be found

and for Solr 4.8 at

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