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Apache Hive Hadoop Data Warehouse System Reaches 0.6

Jessica Thornsby

Latest version of Apache Hive featuring a more efficient merge.

Apache Hive version 0.6.0 is out now. Hive is a data warehouse
system for Hadoop that provides a mechanism for putting structure
on data, and querying data using the ‘HiveQL’ SQL-like language.
Apache Hive allows summarisation, ad-hoc querying and analysis of
large datasets. This version of Hive supports views, row-wise IN
and archiving partitions. Alter table touch partition and
multi-partition inserts have also been added.

Hive 0.6 features changes to the MetaStore schema, meaning that
users upgrading from an earlier version of Hive must upgrade the
MetaStore schema. Hive also includes new configuration properties.
Again, users upgrading from earlier versions must make some
changes, namely replacing all of the old copies of the
hive-default.xml configuration file with the new version.

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